Cookie Sykes Goes – Confirmed Renewals!

On 5 July 2020, Cookie Sykes Goes was renewed for a fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth Series’ by Pythona Studios, Cookie Sykes Entertainment & dytukMedia.

Here is a quote from the Cookie Sykes Goes showrunner:

We believe in our projects and teams, therefore we have given Cookie Sykes, an additional 7 seasons, where we hope that she gets to visit some new and interesting places.

By Thomas Ewan Sykes – Showrunner

Please keep in mind, the release dates still haven’t been confirmed, we will be releasing this information on here & the twitter page visit it here: Pythona Studios Twitter

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Cookie Sykes Goes – Series 2 | Three-Part Finale

Starting This Sunday, The 3 Part finale of Cookie Sykes Goes Series 2 begins with the first part of cookie exploring her garden.

The Official titles for the Three Part finale;

Episode 18 – Part One: Cookie Sykes Goes to Explore her Garden – Part One Episode 19 – Part Two: Cookie Sykes Goes to Explore her Garden – Part Two Episode 20 – Part Three: Cookie Sykes Goes to Explore her Garden – Part Three

Read about the Series Three Renewal Post HERE