Daniel’s Vlog is returning!

After nearly a year since Episode One was first released, Daniel’s Vlog is making a return, but sadly not anytime soon.

Daniel likes to film in sections, and if he can, will try to get at least four future projects done in a day, which usually turns out badly, but it’s the way he does things. He’s decided to change the layout of which Daniel’s Vlog’ recorded. Any future episodes, Episode Two and Three, will feature stories or a look back into his past, this is so the content is more engaging and entertaining.

On his own site, he’s released the next two episode titles and synopsis.

Episode Two – Childhood Reminiscence

A trip down memory lane after Daniel watches the Sonic movie and starts getting reminiscent of his childhood.

Episode Three – Confusion of Life

Daniel’s confused about the worlds way of doing things, sitting down chatting about what he expects from the current year, 2020.

Daniel’s Vlog will return shortly, if you’d like to receive updates – Follow the Pythona Studios’ Twitter: @PythonaStudios.