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Due to unforeseen circumstances, Episode 3 could not be uploaded on time, this will be uploaded on the 30th, along with Episodes 4 & 5
Order of Uploading:
Episode 3: 10AM
Episode 4: 11AM
Episode 5: 12PM – As normal

After this week, uploads should be on time; sorry for the inconvenience caused.

– Pythona Productions Team

Cookie Sykes Goes Series 7 Mini Update

Hello, Just a quick CSG Series 7 Update.

We forget that we set Series 7 to be released Weekly and not Bi-Weekly, Meaning Episode 2 & 3 Was uploaded Late, Episode 3 will be released on the 23rd @ 11am, with Episode 4 Releasing on the 23rd @ 12PM. Meaning From episode 4 All will be out on time and schedule.

Sorry for the inconvience caused.