What is g9.yt?

What is g9.yt? Is it legit? Can I trust it?

Yes, Pythona Studios owns g9.yt the domain and uses it often, this is used as an Official URL shorter and any link used on that has been authorised by Pythona Studios.
1.g9.yt URLs are public and don’t get authorisation from Pythona Studios – but Pythona Studios has a team that checks it and makes sure there are no scamming links! always be careful on the internet!

You can view the full list of our official Domains here: pythonastudios.com/company/listofPSdomains any domain not on that list is not from Pythona Studios that list gets updated as soon as a new domain has been purchased!

Price Drops

On the Sixth of September, Pythona Studios stated on Twitter that there will be a price drop.

They have implemented this price drop company-wide meaning all sites, their main (pythonastudios.com), the Canadian (pythonastudios.ca), and their United Kingdom (pythona.co.uk) now have the up-to-date pricing!

Happy Shopping,

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Cookie Sykes Goes – Season 5

Cookie Sykes Goes season five will return Sunday 1st August 2021 on Cookie Sykes Youtube Channel.

Episode One: “Cookie Sykes Goes on a Fun Walk
Synopsis: “As the season returns, so does Cookie and Lilah Long walks. They head into their favourite place to go for a walk.”

There will be a total number of 20 episodes this season.
Over the next coming weeks, there will be more information about Cookie Sykes Goes Season Five!

We are happy and proud to announce the Release date of Cookie Sykes Goes season 5. We can’t wait to see what Cookie and Lilah get up to this season!
Have fun Running and Exploring Cookie and Lilah!

By Thomas Ewan Sykes – Showrunner

Official Episode One Poster!

Information on this can be found on Cookie Sykes Goes IMDb

LGBTQ+ Pride Month 2021

Pythona Studios is celebrating Pride with a new division! PYSTPride (PythonaStudios.XYZ), more information about it coming soon!

Happy Pride Month!


Use code “pride2021” for 30% off any item!

– Pythona Studios

Pythona Studios Release a Logo for PYSTPride, which Pythona Studios will be using for social media during the month of Pride, but PYSTPride will continue to use it all year round

PYSTPride Logo


Domain Price increase


Pythona Studios has just increased the price of Domain Names, this is because we are not able to set different pricing for different TLDs and Every TLD costs a different price, we have put it at the lowest price that we can.

-Pythona Studios

Pythona Studios Discord Server


We are proud to announce our new discord server to start this server properly we are going to be doing a Giveaway from the 1st of January 2021 to 1 February 2021 this will give you a 30% discount from any product.

-Pythona Studios Team


2020 was a Messed up year, to celebrate 2021 we have launched our first giveaway we are giving either 5, 10, 15 or 20% off any of our website hosting.

  • 5% off Basic Web Hosting – Code: 5
  • 10% off Medium Web Hosting – Code: 10
  • 15% off Premium Web Hosting – Code: 15
  • 20% off Enterprise Web Hosting – Code 20

If you require any assistance during this process don’t be afraid to ask anything, we are here to help you.

-Pythona News Team

On Demand Network Update.

Pythona Studios Recently moved Server, and with that came a lot of issues (sitewide) and two sites: On Demand Network, and Pythona Productions Both using WordPress, Both Failed. and no longer work, we are looking for a new OTT service to use for On Demand Network, With this being said, we have had to majorly push it back, we are working on Pythona Productions Currently, but do not have a date, we will let you know when it is up.

pythona.co.uk website update

PYTHONA.CO.UK! Is Getting a Website Update to look and feel like the Pythonastudios.com site, this is apart of the 2021 Pythona Studios Update, we have now added a Client page, we will also be putting this site/sites on pythonastudios.gb.net.